Commercial Insurance

We’re here to keep you covered

With more than a century of experience between us, the business insurance division of Masson Glennie offers an exceptional level of professional service with a committed ‘hands-on’ approach.

We’ll get to know exactly how your business works before we offer the best options for cover. If that means an in-depth site visit, we’ll arrange one. After all, with clients in all the major local industries like fishing, agriculture and energy, we’re used to putting our boots on.

Our service can include an audit of your existing policies, advising on the cover you already have, what you may need, and how you may be able to save. And if you need to make a claim, you’ll have access to our dedicated claims service – again with a commitment to attend your premises where we can help.

Whether you’re looking for a quote, advice, or help in handling a claim, we’re here.

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Peterhead 01779 474271
Fraserburgh 01346 513338
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Our Commercial Insurance Team

John McCombie

Insurance Manager 01346 586904
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Marrianne Wood

Senior Commercial Insurance Assistant 01346 586905
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Lyndsey Smith

Senior Personal Insurance Assistant 01346 586910
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Pauline Willox

Commercial Insurance Assistant 01346 586906
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Georgia Strachan

Claims Assistant 01346 586907
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Sandra Wood

Insurance Assistant 01346 586911
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Caroline McGruther

Accounts Assistant 01346 586908
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Kimberley West

Personal Insurance Assistant 01346 586913
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